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Vision and Mission

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Delhi Public School, Jaipur envisions ‘Creativity in thought; thought in action; action with purpose and purpose in life’. With this vision we have been cultivating a wide spectrum of practices to nurture the future generation.


Delhi Public School, Jaipur emphasizes on ‘Fuelling curiosity, instilling discipline and encouraging empathy.” The school believes that curiosity in children, is but an appetite for knowledge and encourages children to learn. We ensure that holistic learning is imparted through a plethora of opportunities. Delhi Public School, Jaipur pledges to guide students to realise their creative potential by nurturing them with an aptitude for leadership, innovation, scientific temper, sports, literature, arts and citizenship values.


Delhi Public School, Jaipur sets goals –

  • to create an environment for learning that embraces technology, innovation, and diversity-an environment that encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity as well as collaboration.
  • to cultivate independent learning through exposure to diverse perspectives and opportunities.
  • to celebrate success, promote a "can do" attitude and inspire each to achieve their best.
  • to provide a safe, supportive and well-ordered environment where students and staff are happy and confident as they aspire to achieve.
  • to teach personal accountability and social responsibility by providing opportunities to constantly engage in arts, sports, community service, leadership and more.
  • to inculcate values of gratitude, self-awareness and empathy, creating socially responsible global citizens who respect others and their environment.

What makes DPS, Jaipur a premier institute -

  •  Awarded number 1 in Jaipur and Rajasthan and number 6 in India by Education World for the Best Digital Learning Infrastructure and  Awarded number 6 in Day-Cum-Boarding   School in Rajasthan by Education World (2021-22)
  •  Education Today has ranked DPS Jaipur in the India’s Top 20 Day-Cum-Boarding School (2019-20)
  •  Microsoft Showcase School (2020)
  •  Awarded the Green School Award
  •  Conferred with the International Dimension in School Award Certification  for the period of 2020 to 2023 by the British Council for the 3rd consecutive term on 22 January   2021 for the exemplary pojects undertaken to integrate international dimension in transaction of curriculum.
  • Housed in a salubrious and sprawling 15 acre verdurous and green serene campus  
  • Powered by solar energy and fully air-conditioned school building 
  • CCTV monitored campus for safety and security of each child 
  • Exemplary reuse of waste water by Sewage Treatment Plant in the campus 
  • Science, Mathematics, Computer, ATL laboratories 
  • Infinite opportunities in the fields of Sports, Theatre and Literature 
  • Outstanding academic results, sports and co-curricular achievements 
  • Placements in Indian and foreign universities 
  • Diverse range of community outreach programmes 
  • Technology integration, making teaching and learning impactful 
  • Emphasis on 21st century skills of creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration 
  • Sustainable eductaion which propmotes Indian culture and values 
  • Immersive student alumni network 
  • Fostering leadership through Student Prefectorial Council 
  • Maintaining Staff Parent Connect through regular meetings