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Bus Information

The day school has a well-connected nearest to home, pick up and drop transport facility supported by Diligent & Lucent Transport Private Limited. The fleet of buses is well equipped with CCTV and GPRS picking up children from all corners of the city. The buses ply on fixed routes with pre-designated bus stops.

Bus Rules

DPS, Jaipur, is committed to bring the students safely to school and drop them back home.

  • It is mandatory for the students to tap the RFID Card to ensure the attendance being marked.
  • Students are expected to be disciplined in the bus.
  • It is also expected that the juniors be treated with love and affection by the seniors and the juniors show respect to their seniors. In case of serious indiscipline, the bus facility can be withdrawn.
  • Students can avail of the school transport facility subject to the availability of seats.
  • The routes of the school buses are drawn on the basis of the number of students and the parents should consult the school transport in-charge for the necessary details. It cannot be customised to suit the convenience of one at the cost of others.
  • Bus facility is neither mandatory nor guaranteed.

Bus Safety

A lady teaching / non-teaching staff is deployed on every bus from the boarding to the last de-boarding point. The teacher/Bus Hostess maintains an attendance register. Parents are provided with the contact details of the bus driver and conductor. 


Why School Bus is a Better Choice

  1. School buses are considered as one of the safest buses on the road. Every day, thousands of children are carried safely from their houses to the schools, sometimes to school outings/trips as well. These buses are well designed keeping children safety in mind. School buses have protective materials that are used to protect buses from any kind of collisions. One can be rest assured that school buses are much better options than small vehicles.
  2. One of the great benefits of any school bus is that they come in varied sizes. There are buses which can accommodate with fewer than 20 passengers, and there are also long buses which are designed to fit up to 50 passengers, quite comfortably. Since school buses carry students, they have proper and comfortable seating which can absorb shock and energy for the safety of the passengers during the actual need be.
  3. With every student choosing buses for daily commute to school and a reduction in vehicles comes from the safe environment. Less number of cars on roads results in reduced pollution.
  4. School buses are quite economical, have features that ensures to protect the passengers from bumps as much as possible and from the potential accidents.
  5. The buses are also air-conditioned because of the weather conditions here in Gurgaon.
  6.  Each of the buses has one school teachers who are the bus in charges, both in the morning and in the afternoon, in rotational shifts,
  7. Each of the buses has one School Maid for take care of student.
  8. Each of the buses has police verified bus staff (driver & helper).
  9. Each of the buses has equipped with Fire detection & suppression systems.
  10. Dedicated team for the safe arrival & dispersal of the students
  11. Each of the buses has GPS tracking system.
  12. Each of the buses has equipped with CCTV Cameras.
  13. Each of the buses has equipped with Speed Governors


 Kid’s safety and comfort are ultimate priority.


Why no to Private operated Vans

  1. Most of the private van operators use private vehicles to carry children instead of a commercial vehicles.
  2. They have no speed governors.
  3. They are overloaded with children.
  4. No CCTV cameras in vans.
  5. Most of the Private vans has no valid permit to carry children.
  6. They have no fire extinguishers in vans.
  7. Person who drives the van is not police verified.



The parents/guardians can track the location of the bus using the ‘Present Ma’am App’.

Contact Information

Transport Manager : Vishnu Bhardwaj

Contact No. : 9829256830