DPS Jaipur

Facilities & Infrastructure

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Living Space

A good school and a loving home are quintessential for the holistic development of a child. At the DPS Boarding House a child gets the best of both. Surrounded by serene greens, are the huge and comfortable residential blocks – Aravali and Shivalik for boys and Nilgiri for girls for the students of Grades III to XII. We have a diverse student community at our boarding house that comes not only from India but also from Nepal and UAE.

The cosy nest of their favourite hide out – their very own DPS, Boarding House always welcomes them to share their experiences in the well furnished AC rooms and creating a soothing ambience.

Happiness Arena

Moments become cherished memories in the air-conditioned common lounges where the students engage in their leisurely favourite and creative activities with their buddies.

Sugar and Spice – Everything Nice

Providing healthy and balanced meals to a diverse, boarding school community is no ordinary task, but Delhi Public School is no ordinary school. Planned and balanced meals and the dietary requirements are planned under the expert guidance of a nutritionist.


Nothing balances a challenging curriculum like a regular sports programme. Our team of professional coaches and sports-coordinators provide a tailor-made sports programme which sets standards among the best boarding schools in Rajasthan and India. Through the rigorous sports curriculum practiced at DPS boarding house we ensure the champions in the making ranging from footballers, cricketers to volleyball, handball, badminton, squash and table tennis players. Our students are provided personal training and nutritional guidance under the supervision of our sports team.


Boarding has a life-changing role to play in shaping, honing and building the character of young people – equipping them to succeed and flourish in a complex global community.

Structured Acceleration Classes are being implemented on all working days from Monday to Friday under the mentorship of teachers of various subjects. Acceleration Classes are designed to enhance students' learning experience and maximize their potential. We believe that each student has unique talents and abilities, and our program aims to nurture and develop these qualities further.

Weekly Acceleration Assessments are also being conducted over the weekends, to monitor the performance of the students. These assessments help identify areas of improvement, reinforce learning, and build confidence. Our teachers provide timely feedback to students and parents, ensuring a collaborative approach to academic growth. These classes provide the students the opportunity to excel academically while staying in our safe and nurturing hostel environment.

Small class size in evening prep supervised by hostel staff makes it easy for the students to resolve their queries and doubts as they receive individual attention. Guided by thoughtful, engaged instructors, special remedial classes are organized for the students on weekends which inculcate the habit of regular learning amongst students.

Co-Scholastic Activities/Weekend Activities

Academics is well blended with other co-curricular activities in the Boarding School and this integration increases the appeal of both the pursuits. It is a platform for multifarious activities such as theater, art, medley of dance and music along with the debaters/ orators in the making where the boarders not only hone their skills but also take the charge of their buddies as they work in tandem to bring out the best in each other. Thus, peer learning and mentoring opportunities make life in the Boarding House even more enriching.

The House Masters keep a watchful eye over the personal and academic welfare of every pupil in their care- with an eye for learning-with live, teacher-led online lessons, and virtual enrolment meetings and admissions.

Our boarding facilities are an extension of our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the care of the individual – a safe and secure environment ensuring the overall development of our students by maintaining a unique balance between discipline and flexibility to ensure distinctiveness. Decision making and financial literacy are instilled in the boarders at a very young age to empower independent, informed decision making skills to be future ready.

Medical Facility

DPS believes that along with education, health care needs to be given attention to. The well-being of our students is taken care of 24/7 by a well-qualified resident doctor and nursing staff, a well-equipped ambulance, a professional team which provides medical and counseling services and tie ups with prominent hospitals.