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Hubs of Learning

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Hubs of Learning

The Hubs of Learning is an initiative launched by CBSE for exchange of both physical and intellectual resources among neighborhood schools. It is a collaborative partnership among a group of 4 to 6 schools in the same area to ensure the enhancement of the quality of education and to promote self improvement.

Schools, under HoL, share teachers, sports grounds, labs etc. Since the schools are sharing their resources so the activities included are interchange of academic material, curriculum planning and other academic activities. The schools in the HoL also share the best practices being followed in their schools.

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HOL 3 2021 Strategies for teaching complex concepts

HOL 2 2021 Learning for Happiness and Resilience

HOL 1 2021 Design Ability

HOL 6 2020 How to be a good online teacher

HOL 3 2020 Debriefing NEP

HOL 2 2020 Art Integrated Learning