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Hostel Overview



To make this world a canvas to our imaginations, the foundation of Delhi Public School, Jaipur was laid with the vision to become a leading residential school, by providing a joyful environment for learning through a fine blend of academics, co-curricular activities and 21st Century life skills. 




Located on a sprawling 15 acres campus, the Boarding House, with its unmatched infrastructure coupled with world class amenities, offers an energetic and vibrant environment where an innocent and naive child incredibly transforms into a confident and independent individual, through a journey of self-discovery ready to take on the challenges of the world confidently and successfully. 

Ambition– Continue to set Goals 


The Boarding House has a proven track record of producing the best results in the city as it works on four essential C's-camaraderie, compassion, communication and collaboration where each member is treasured and offered an outstanding environment for your child to benefit from our dedicated and professional team available on campus to nurture their innate potential and groom them into outstanding personalities. 


Our boarding facilities are an extension of our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the care of the individual – a safe and secure environment ensuring the overall development of our students by maintaining a unique balance between discipline and flexibility to ensure distinctiveness. Decision making and financial literacy are instilled in the boarders at a very young age to empower independent, informed decision making skills to be future ready. 


Academic life 

The school encourages the children to hone their talent and develop their creative and cognitive interests so that they grow up to pursue the same in their adult life as well. An insight into the culture and history is seen as the pursuit of all our boarding students who develop global citizenship. The campus life is focussed on gaining knowledge, developing skills and attitude which assist them in connecting the dots with the outside world subsequently.  

We aspire to fuel curiosity, instill discipline and generate social empathy by helping them become independent thinkers, imbibe critical reading, writing and analysis skills, learn to understand the value of research and be self-motivated. Children should develop social empathy by recognising the shortcomings of others.  

‘Service before Self’ being the pursuit of each Dipsite boarder as the highest pursuit towards a global leadership and community participation.