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We expect our Students to

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We expect our Students to

  1. Follow the daily routine of the hostel and school.
  2. Be kind & considerate to all juniors. Demonstrate respect for all and be courteous towards teachers, resident staff and fellow boarders. Do not disparage or embarrass others in the school or hostel.
  3. Have exemplary conduct and adherence to instructions is expected from students during the outings.
  4. Wake up on time at the reveille. Be punctual and regular for morning PT, classes, Extra classes, roll calls, evening games, activities meals and for any other organized activity.
  5. Attend meals in appropriate attire and shoes. Bathroom slippers are not allowed in the mess. Observe mess manners, decorum & etiquettes.
  6. Follow the rules of personal health and hygiene.
  7. Converse in English among each other as this will help to develop confidence in this link language which is also their medium of instruction.
  8. Always be cheerful, attentive dignified and smart.
  9. Attend all academic as well as any other organized activity organized for boarders.
  10. Comply with duty assigned.
  11. Be forthcoming in sharing/informing the offences /inappropriate harmful action committed by others. 
  12. Be in a proper uniform and adhere to the prescribed dress code as per rules.
  13. Have respect for School property and equipment. Do not damage it and prevent others also from doing so.
  14. Leave and return to the school at the appointed date and time while returning from outings and term breaks.
  15. Keep the hostel room neat and tidy. Stack clothes and arrange wardrobes properly. 

Study tables should be neat and the books must be stacked neatly.

  1. Adhere to the sleep and wake up time schedule.
  2. Switch off lights and fans when not in use.
  3. Observe etiquette, table manners while dining and must not waste food.
  4. Must maintain proper layout of his/her bed, cupboard and surrounding area. Cupboard, books, shoes are to be arranged neatly and things to be kept at their proper place.
  5. Exhibit exemplary conduct and adherence to instructions during the outings.
  6. You can withdraw money only through a cheque duly approved by the warden.
  7. Not to commit an act of violence such as kick, hit or punch any other student /person or damage the school property.
  8. Not to sell, use or possess objectionable material or consume or be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substances, smoke a cigarette, e-cigarette or possess or use smokeless tobacco, pan masala or any such substance either on the school campus or during any school activity.
  9. Not litter the campus or the hostel rooms.
  10. Not run in the corridors and dining hall or disturb others.
  11. Not gamble in any form or manner.
  12. Not harass, intimidate, bully, ridicule or demean or threaten others in any form of action that may put an individual in fear of bodily harm.
  13. Not bully/rag/manhandle other students. Ragging is strictly prohibited. Any student found indulging in such activities is likely to be punished. The punishment includes expulsion/ suspension from the classes as well as from the school.
  14. Not bully others on social media. Cyber bullying of any kind is unacceptable.
  15. Not discriminate, which may include the use of religion, race, colour, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or disability as a basis for treating another in a prejudiced manner.
  16. Not carry an object that, in the judgment of the administration, disrupts or interferes with the education process or endangers the health, welfare or safety of students or staff.
  17. Not carry any cash or valuable items such as expensive jewellery, wrist watches, gadgets or any unauthorized item not permitted by the school/ hostel administration.
  18. Not carry any form of tuck, eatables, medicines, tonics, drugs and pharmaceuticals without the written approval of the warden.
  19. Not keep electric kettle, heater, iron or any other electric equipment.
  20. Not possess CD player, cameras, PSPs, speakers and mobile phones. Only a mobile phone should be submitted to the Warden at the time of reporting in the hostel and can be taken at the scheduled time.
  21. Don't be in possession of any other items as per the given list. Any extra item, other than those specified in the hostel kit list will be confiscated.
  22. Not indulge in any other behaviour or conduct which is considered inappropriate.
  23. Students shall not drive any pegs or nails into walls or stick posters on walls, windows and doors.
  24. Students to keep their room, verandah and surrounding areas tidy, neat and clean at all times and shall not throw anything including rubbish, in such places or any premises in the hostel except in the dustbin or the place specifically provided for the said purpose. Not to dry wet clothes on the furniture or in corridors/ balconies.
  25. Follow COVID-19 guidelines issued by Govt. / SOPs of school strictly regarding wearing mask, social distancing etc. in mess and hostel corridors as per govt. regulations
  26. Not damage any school property. Careless or intentional breakage or damage of the hostel/ school property is liable to penalty.
  27. Use mobiles only on prescribed day and for a specific time period to communicate with parents as per norms.
  28. Birthdays to be celebrated as per prior permission and under supervision. We celebrate birthdays in school and a cake can be arranged with notice that is baked by the tuck in, 7 days prior on payment.