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Senior Labs

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“No research without action. No action without research.”

Science Lab

DPS Jaipur

Thoughtfully designed science labs satisfy the inquisitiveness and the quest for innovation and research. Separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology equipped with latest devices and experimental kits are provided to the students. Regular visits to the labs establish the desired link between the practical and theoretical aspect of these subjects and the reinforcement helps to learn and grasp the concepts.

Computer Lab

To integrate Informatics Technology in classroom teaching and to tackle the real world problems, students are given extensive knowledge of the hardware and the software of the computers. Collaborative educational projects are handled by the students under the skilled guidance of a highly competent teaching staff.

DPS Jaipur

Language Lab

DPS Jaipur

An important part of learning any language is to sharpen the 4 Rs- i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. The Language Lab facilitates an environment for students to enrich their vocabulary, pronunciation and encourages creative thinking. It serves as a platform to hone public speaking skills like- speech, debate, recitation, compeering, etc.

Math Lab

To enhance the teaching of Mathematics at the school level, the Mathematics lab promotes the "learning by discovery" approach. Students work collaboratively on projects and activities, to highlight the relevance of Mathematics in everyday life. The otherwise difficult to comprehend concepts become easier and interesting.

DPS Jaipur