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Manodarpan :Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership in Life Skills, Health and Wellbeing Programme

1. DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL JAIPUR has been proactively involved in providing interactive, participatory and innovative learning experiences to its students. In tandem with the vision of NEP 2020, the role of students as stakeholders is significant in modern day education. The voice and opinion of students as change makers is to be facilitated for a progressive world of tomorrow. From developing core life skills to the journey of embellishing 21st century skills, the schooling years should help in building resilience, mental wellbeing and multifaceted well-rounded personality of students. The life skills education paradigm helps in evolving aware, responsible and empowered citizens of the country.

Here students as ‘Life Skills and Wellbeing Ambassadors’ can play a vital role in creating a participatory climate for behavioural change and adaptation to strengthen the inclusive environment.

2. DPS Jaipur aims to empower the learners and peer educators as stake holders of school health, safety and wellbeing. The online launch of the ‘Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program in Life Skills, Holistic Health and Wellbeing’ by CBSE was held on 23rd November 2021.

The programme was initiated when COVID - 19 pandemic has impacted the psychosocial well- being of children and adolescents across the country. The envisioned outcomes include positive impact on the holistic development and upgrading from core life skills to 21st century skills. This will further amplify in building their resilience, mental wellbeing, self- esteem, social sensitivity, better communication skills, enhanced ability, set goals and lead a socially productive life.

There are 4 modules and 8 themes like building resilience, nutrition, hygiene, family bonding, dealing with emotions, impact of digital world and effective career choices. Transaction of knowledge, skills and attitude is being done by teacher incharge for making the youth aware, responsible and empowered.


The themes shall go on evolving as suggestions come from peer educators and good practices are shared. This would further serve as an Interactive guidance, and life skills for 21st century learners. Short modules on various aspects of psychosocial and allied healthy behaviour in minimizing risks in children and adolescents shall be added. With the conceptual framework of physical, mental and interpersonal development, certain overarching themes have been identified for taking forward the first phase of implementation of this initiative through a series of orientation programmes. Themes of the Programmes The initial orientation program series shall be implemented with the four modules comprising eight themes as mentioned below:

  1. Introduction -the journey from core life skills to 21st century skills
  2. Building resilience for coping and capacity building
  3. Growing up healthy, importance of nutrition and hygiene
  4. Family bonding and caring communication-emerging paradigm
  5. Healthy expression of emotions, dealing with anger, loss and sadness
  6. Developing healthy interpersonal relationships-mobilizing peer support
  7. Empowering self for the digital world and prevention of allied high-risk behaviors
  8. Integrating the Life skills approach

The programme aims at building the capacity of senior students (Peer Educators) along with School Counsellors. Counsellors will also help for the effective implementation of Life Skills Education in schools. These trained stakeholders will act as School’s Master Trainer Group who will further arrange for the orientation programmes for rest of the stakeholders in their the school. This program is envisaged to gradually evolve into a self-sustaining model and bringing together young voices and their opinions.

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