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International Dimension in Schools (IDS)

Delhi Public School, Jaipur feels proud to be accredited with the prestigious British CouncilInternational Dimension in Schools (IDS) Award for the period 2020-23 for the third consecutive time.

The multifarious tasks undertaken during the session provided the sophomores buoyant and enjoyable opportunities which metamorphosed the teaching –learning experience, also giving us a chance to peep into the vast culture of other countries we were connected to along with professional development and a chance to share best practices with international counterparts

The Seven Projects undertaken in session 2019-20 were as follows:

  1. Festivals: The Colours of Life – Nursery to Class II

The students learned about the different festivals of India , USA and UK by participating in various art integrated activities to learn about the reasons and ways of celebrating the festivals, their customs and traditions through stories, collage making, role plays, making scrap books and presenting a grand cultural show with lots of dance and songs of the above mentioned countries.

  1. Fruits of My Country- Nursery to Class II

The students learned about the global fruits , mainly of China , Germany and India . They learnt to identify and classify the fruits of different countries according to the taste, availability, uses, shapes, sizes, colour and the nutrients present in them through various activities like Enactment, Story Narration and enactment , Rhymes, Art and IT activities, etc.

  1. Sanguine Smartian- Classes II to V

This project covered countries like Argentina, England, Ireland, South Africa, America and India to encourage students to become better human being by realising the needs of the less privileged sections of the society and feel the happiness in joys of giving and sharing. Special assemblies were conducted, Presentations of the Famous personalities and the organisations were shared for spreading awareness, Donation Drive was organised where the students collected and shared the basic essential goods, Shram Daan -Cleanliness drive in the school, was organised and the students visited the Old Age Homes and Orphanages also to imbibe the spirit of selfless service towards society.

  1. Monuments and Forts- Classes VI to VIII

Jashn-E- Virsa: Celebration of Heritage was a collaborative activity with China , Sri Lanka, Germany and Nepal to develop the sense of pride for the important monuments of all the countries, to know their history, culture and sense of responsibility towards the preservation of their heritage and historical buildings. Through various research based activities , scrap books were made, PPTs were presented by students and visits were organised. Students shared everything online with the partner schools and gained information about their respective country.

  1. Robots and Internet- Classes VI to VIII

Progressive countries like India, Korea, Switzerland, US and Russia were taken under this project to teach the students about the IOT (Internet of Things) . Students were made aware of the different technologies and they also learnt to make presentations , programmes and projects on their own.

  1. International Folk Music and Instruments: A Glimpse- Classes IX to XII

Collaborating with a school in UAE , the students explored and researched about the various musical instruments of different countries like with Russia , Sweden, China, Germany and France. Students learned about the cultural heritage, native songs, dances and held different presentations and competition.

  1. Our School Lives- Classes IX to XII

Indian and French students took up the collaborative project to exchange notes and learn about the school lives of different countries like Russia, Germany, China, France and India together to gain global perspective about the varied educational systems across the globe. Different activities were conducted and work was exchanged for a wider and better understanding.

Delhi Public School, Jaipur has always worked towards providing the best possible exposure to the students and has been organiizig Students’ Exchange Programme. This exchange was organised as a part of the ISA Project : Our School Lives. Seven French delegates were hosted by seven students of Delhi Public School , Jaipur and the delegation was given a hands on experience of everything the city provides, be it cuisine, art and craft, local sightseeing, experience of Indian students’ school life , Yoga session, etc.

Two other Online Activities conducted under the ISA Project:

  1. Queens Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition: It’s an International level competition in which the students have been participating regularly. The students received 1 Gold Medal Certificate, 8 Silver Medal Certificates and 9 Bronze Medal Certificates in session 2019-20 for sharing their thoughts, ideas and experiences on key global issues and have their hard work and achievement celebrated internationally.
  1. Foyle Young Poets Award Competition is an opportunity for any young person aged 11-17 to accelerate their writing career. It is the largest competition of its kind and its importance is widely which more than 100 students sent their self-composed poems and got appreciated by receiving the certificates.
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