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DPS Jaipur

DPS Jaipur

Role Play Competition Grade IV

Our country is a potpourri of cultures. Its diverse landscapes and the distinct ways of life of its people make our land appear so colorful and vibrant. 

This cultural diversity of India was celebrated through a Role Play Competition of Grade IV students at Delhi Public School, Jaipur on Wednesday, September 30.

The students represented the Northern States of India in their enactments. The costumes, culture, tourist attractions, handicrafts and the songs and dances of Punjab, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir were showcased in a very impressive way.

The participants' mesmerizing performances were coupled with colourful backdrops depicting the features of the state they were representing.

This activity was a culmination of what the students have learnt about the Northern States of India in their Classes. 

Principal Ms Rita P Taneja appreciated the efforts of the students, their parents and mentors for a well- conducted programme.

She expressed that such activities provide a great platform to the students to explore their talents and also help the students to learn beyond the books and curriculum.