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Virtual Poem Recitation Competition Grade III

'Poetry is the crown of literature.'


Poems are instrumental in developing young children's verbal skills, confidence and is an effective mode of learning a language and appreciating a piece of literature.

Keeping this in mind, a Virtual English Recitation Competition was organized on Saturday, July 25, 2020 at DPS Jaipur for  the students of Grade III.


The theme of the poems was 'Our Planet Earth

Six participants had been chosen earlier from each section after an initial screening round and the finalists recited the poems confidentially displaying outstanding verbal skills, voice modulation and expressions. Their enthusiasm was infectious. The little compere also garnered appreciation for wonderfully weaving the whole show together.


The recitation was  transdisciplinary as students are presently learning about their planet Earth in Environmental Science too.

The props used by the participants were the posters which they had made for Ev.S Subject Enrichment Activity.


The activity was truly an example of holistic learning as it not only helped children gain knowledge but also foster in them a great love for and appreciation for poetry and art.


The Principal Ms. Rita P. Taneja and Headmistress Aradhana Kaul applauded all the participants for their commendable performances.

The winners were given E- Certificates of appreciation.