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Report healthy eating activity

"He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything."

At DPS JAIPUR, children mean the world to us and their health and wellbeing our priority, even more so in these unusual times.  

To create an awareness about good health and hygiene amongst the tiny tots, a week long Health Awareness programme "Stay Healthy! Stay Happy!” was organized for the students of Grades Nursery to II. The activity 'Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy - A Healthy Food Party' helped the young learners learn the significance of eating healthy food and what made it even more fun was that they made a yummy sprout salad all by themselves.

The little MasterChefs took their jobs very seriously as they tossed together the  ingredients to make a super delicious and super nutritious bowl of salad and smiles grew bigger as they sat down together to eat with their friends and talked to one another, though through the screen.

The activity was also successful in fulfilling the learning outcomes of making the children aware of what is healthy food and what to eat and what not to. Their teachers also gave them options of the various healthy food items that they could eat when they felt like munching.

The activity turned out to be a great success as the parents enthusiastically helped get ingredients ready beforehand and ofcourse their efforts were all worth it when they saw their little ones finishing up a bowl of salad and insisting that the parents eat healthy too.

Learning by doing the students indeed learnt a valuable lesson 'Health is Wealth'.