DPS Jaipur

DPS Jaipur

DPS Jaipur

Independence Day Celebration Grades III-V

Freedom in the mind

Faith in the words 

Pride in our souls

Saluting our Nation

To honour and express our gratitude to those who sacrificed their lives so that we could live free, a 'Circle Time' activity celebrating 'Independence Day' was organized at DPS Jaipur for the students of Grades III-V on August 13, 2020.

The students and their Mentors were all proudly dressed in the colours of the tricolour.

A presentation was shared with the students during the session teaching them about our great freedom fighters and their heroic deeds. Through short videos the students learnt about the great freedom struggle.

A quiz on our country's heritage and National symbols and their significance also saw enthusiastic participation from the students. 

The motivational patriotic song had each heart filled with love for the Nation and none could resist joining in.

The beautiful morning, reminded us all that Freedom is hard to achieve and we are all blessed to have it. Having learnt this important lesson, students pledged their allegiance to this great Nation and promised to take care of their motherland by doing their bit and making a difference always. 

Jai Hind!!