DPS Jaipur

DPS Jaipur

DPS Jaipur

DPS Jaipur wins the award 'Best Story with a message '

DPS Jaipur wins the award ‘BEST STORY WITH A MESSAGE’.


Film making is a fine art. Apart from enhancing our creativity, it teaches us to think critically and improves our decision making power. 


We were lucky to be associated with one such Film making project organised by Hecs Intach .


The name of our film was ‘Our heritage is our asset. Let’s preserve it’.    


We would like to thank our mentor Ms Priya Soral who has supported us in this creative journey.

Thank you Hecs Intach..!


Names of Participants:

Divyata Singh

Himanshi Agarwal

Ishaan Mundhra

Janhvi Sahu

Kaustubh Nair

Lavanya Sharma

Piyush Sharma

Shaurya Anand