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Spelling competitions are tools for the educators to assess students' vocabulary, knowledge and quick thinking ability.

Children can learn a wide variety of words, etymology and their usage by participating in such events.

A virtual spelling competition- Spellathon, was conducted for the students of Grade III of DPS Jaipur.

The eight finalists selected after the preliminary intra-class rounds participated in the final round on Friday, 11 February. The event was telecast live on school's FB page.

The four teams- Team Spell Wizards, Team Spell Bees, Team Spell Masters and Team Spellsmiths competed with each other in three exciting rounds. In a nail biting finish, the team Spell Bee emerged as the winning team outshining the other three teams.

Principal Rita Taneja appreciated the students and their mentors for the well conducted event. She congratulated the participants for their stupendous efforts. The event concluded with the vote of thanks by the Junior school headmistress.