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Pajama Party for classes Pre nursery-II

‘The Time spent with friends is priceless!’

In our busy work schedules and everyday struggle to meet deadlines, we all look for small and refreshing breaks that recharge us and keep us going.

Kids’ schedules are no different than adults. They too need small refreshing breaks from a humdrum routine. The July weekend gave the students and teachers of the Pre-Primary school at DPS, Jaipur a perfect opportunity to smile, laugh and enjoy in the form of a PAJAMA PARTY.

As they say – The more, the merrier! The students had their buddies to enjoy all the activities to the fullest. The party began in the evening with a musical Pajama Parade. The children introduced their buddies on the beats of the vibrating music. They were thrilled with the novelty of being in their night suits and seeing all their classmates wearing the same added to a lot of excitement.

The fun parade was followed by the ‘Home Treasure Hunt’. The game became super exciting with each passing moment as the children accompanied by their buddies ran around the house to look for the answers to the riddles asked by the teacher. Soon, it was time to meet the ‘Red Riding Hood’ and the ‘Three Little Pigs’ in the story session.

The live and pulsating music by Jimmy sir added to the fun. After an hour of nonstop fun, it was time to say bye to each other. The kids and their buddies along with the teachers had a gala time dancing to the musical beats before waving goodbye and good night, with a promise to meet on Monday morning.