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Safe Touch - Unsafe Touch Session Grades III-V

"Empowering children expands our collective world.”

As parents, we often tell our children about ways to keep themselves safe: Look both ways when you cross the street. Wear seatbelts. Don’t play with match-sticks! 

But some conversations are more difficult than others. We delay talking to our kids about inappropriate touching and physical abuse, and the most common reasons include not getting around to it, the child is too young, not wanting to scare the child and not knowing how to bring it up.    

Keeping this in mind, Delhi Public School, Jaipur organized virtual sessions on 'Safe Touch- Unsafe Touch’ from Dec 16- Dec18, 2020 for the students of Classes III-V.

The sessions were conducted by experts from SPARSH organization under its campaign SparshEk Pahal, an initiative to save childhood, which was launched in August 2019. 

SPARSH organization has been working relentlessly under the guidance of IAS Mr Naveen Jain for spreading awareness about this extremely sensitive and significant issue. 

The sessions proved extremely helpful in sensitizing the children about Safe-Unsafe touch and how they must respond in case they are confronted by such a situation. Not just the students, their parents and teachers also gained a lot of insight about the sensitive topic. 

Principal ma’am, Rita P.Taneja expressed that such sessions are greatly beneficial as they help in breaking the barrier so that the children can freely talk to the adults about such issues that can make an impact on their physical and psychological health.