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Circle Time Activity - The Colours of India of Classes III-V.

'Unity in diversity is India's strength.'

To celebrate this idea, a circle time activity -'The Colours of India' was conducted for Classes III-V on Friday, October 16 at DPS Jaipur.

The day also marked the beginning of the festive season and the autumn break and so the students were dressed up in their ethnic bests.

A virtual tour of Assam made the students learn about the flora, fauna, the beautiful landscapes and the cultural richness of the North-eastern State.

The students also learnt how the Navratri festival is celebrated in different ways in our country.

The Dusshera song and the dandiya dance were the session's highlights. The takeaway of this session was the activity ‘Sowing Seeds of Goodness.’

The session concluded with a promise of sowing 10 seeds of values symbolising the victory of Good over Evil which the 'Navratri' teaches us.