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Shiksha Kendra

A dream, a vision and a commitment-that's Shiksha Kendra at DPS, Jaipur. A dream which started with just 26 kids from neighbouring villages in the first year soon grew in size and now we are 300 in numbers in our fourth year. A day at Shiksha Kendra is always bursting with energy, curiosity, zeal to learn and will to do. This session too was full of so many such days. The session started with an open day where our little artists displayed their artistic skills with crayons and poster colours. The theme was to paint what they like most and it was so satisfying to see few of them painting the school and books as their favourite things.

The month of April is also observed as Hygiene month where the students were taught the importance of cleanliness and good habits like brushing teeth and taking bath daily. The assemblies conducted from time to time teach them the importance of discipline and team work. Festivals like rakhi & diwali were celebrated and students made beautiful rakhis & diya-thali to mark the occasion. These little pretty things were kept on display and everybody appreciated the hard work by the students of Shiksha Kendra.

This year their imagination was taken to new heights by introducing multimedia as the medium of teaching. The students had their classes twice in a week in the Smart Class room where they explored the world of knowledge with the help of audio visual modules. They found it very interesting to learn and it was an experience which seemed out of the world for them.

Like every year, this year too the students of Shiksha Kendra participated in the Independence Day and Republic Day function of the school. This year the students presented Mass PT on the Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations became more vibrant with the music and dance presentation by Shiksha Kendra students.

A health check up camp was organised on 14th October 2009 for general health check up of the students where a team of doctors did the health check up and advised on further course of treatment, if required by any student.

This year the students of class II will be moving to class III, another beginning for them where they will get themselves acquainted with new subjects like EVS and computers. The school plans to introduce Computers for the students of class II this year and also vocational courses for the girls studying in the Shiksha Kendra.

Picnic & sports day were also organised to enjoy outdoors and inculcate the habit of physical exercise in these students. The session concluded with the report card distribution – an event which is much awaited and one can see the sense of achievement reflecting on each child's face and also of the teachers who put in lot of hard work in converting this dream to a reality.